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Hot Tweets: Derrick Lewis, UFC Vegas 20, and the state of the heavyweight division

We are in full swing of the UFC’s two-month long festival of fight cards and as such, there is a lot going on in MMA right now. So much so

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A new blindness gene uncovered in a canine study

Inherited retinal dystrophy is a common cause of blindness, with as many as two million people suffering from the disorder globally. No effective treatment is available for retinal dystrophies. Gene

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Facebook to invest $1 billion in news industry after Australia row

Facebook Inc on Wednesday pledged to invest at least $1 billion in the news industry over the next three years, days after a high-profile stand-off with the Australian government over

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The Double-A Team: Rodea the Sky Soldier is an overlooked action game that deserves to take flight

After leaving Sega, and narrowly dodging a bullet of having his name on the disaster that was Sonic 2006, Yuji Naka established his own company, Prope. It was a chance

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Doctor And Nurses Pack SUV And Drive Through Snowstorm To Save Premature Baby

The life of a premature baby born during the winter storm in Texas was saved thanks to a team of medical professionals, including a doctor and two nurses who traveled

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